What it is

Love Local is a curated directory of small businesses, farmers markets and farms across the country that prioritize sustainability in their business practices and offer organic, sustainable products and services.

The goal was to create a guide you can easily search to find locally made, small batch products.  As consumers, we have the ability to vote with our wallets.  I want to make it easy for you to support your neighbors and friends and put profits in the hands of small businesses that care about your health and the environment. These are people who don’t prioritize profits over the integrity of their products. When you buy from a company in the Love Local directory, you can be sure you’re supporting a local artisan, purveyor or farmer, making a purchase you know is ethically and sustainably made, all while keeping your hard earned dollars in local economies around our nation.


What it Takes

Each company included in the Love Local database has been thoroughly researched to ensure each company’s values, mission and actions align with the local and sustainable principles of Love Local.

Below are some of the criteria used to evaluate the companies for inclusion.


  • Privately held, employee or customer owned companies
  • Companies based in the U.S.
  • Responsible stewardship of the environment and people

Product Manufacturing

  • Made in the U.S. or under fair trade principals outside the U.S.
  • Anything manufactured outside the U.S. is done so with respect for the longevity and health of the local environment and community
  • Eco friendly and sustainable raw materials are sourced responsibly
  • Manufacturing waste is minimized or eliminated
  • Non-toxic raw materials

Bath, Body & Beauty

  • No ingredient or final product is tested on animals
  • Packaging made from sustainable and compostable or recyclable material
  • Organic, natural, biodynamic and non toxic ingredients

Farm Raised & Manufactured Food Products

  • Animals are humanely raised and humanely processed
  • Organic and/or biodynamic farming practices are used
  • No GMO content



Stand for small batch, locally made and healthy products.  Start searching and see what you discover.

Jennifer Liepis