Local Events Around the Country in June

Here are some interesting events happening in towns across the country.  Whether you’re a local or on vacation, these are all great excuses to be out and about!  Shop at a local farmers market, visit a market featuring locally made items or take part in a summer evening farm dinner, that’s just naming a few. […]

Cheers to Vegan Wine

  If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, you don’t have to give up enjoying a good glass of wine. Why isn’t wine automatically vegan or lactose free? Some wine producers will use a finishing process called fining to remove unwanted particles or eliminate smells before bottling. During fining, additives are introduced to the wine. While […]

The Love Local Founding Story

  After years of living in New York City, working in digital advertising and music marketing, I realized I wanted to influence people in a different way. The inspiration for Love Local began with my interest in eating organic and supporting businesses that cared about my health as much as their profits. I started to […]

Meet the Maker – Moon Wise Herbals

Moon Wise Herbals is the love child of Rachel Nelson, a certified herbalist, natural skin care pioneer and natural health enthusiast.  Based in Paradise, California, Moon Wise Herbals is a heady mix of nature, beauty, magic and love.  Rachel believes in the power of nature as a natural healer and that very belief is the […]