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Love ‘n Fresh Flowers is a sustainably-managed, urban flower farm and full service event design studio located in historical Philadelphia. Since the business first began in 2009, Love ‘n Fresh has been dedicated to working with locally grown flowers, foliage, grasses, seed pods, fruits and even vegetables to create our signature earthy elegant floral art. Love ‘n Fresh focuses on weddings and other special events, offering everything from eye-catching elegant bridal bouquets and matching bespoke boutonnieres to unique nature-inspired ceremony and reception decor. Be it a large wedding or simply a bouquet sold at the local co-op store, Love ‘n Fresh manages the whole creative process from seed to centerpiece. The results are unarguably distinctive and fresh.


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(215) 804-9056


Company Leaders

  • Jennie Love, Owner


Ardleigh Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119


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