Whipstone Farm


We are a family farm located in Paulden, Arizona, about 30 miles north of Prescott.  We started selling produce door-to-door in 1995 when our large garden produced more food than our family could eat.  We have grown every year since then and now have 15 acres in production.  We grow over 100 varieties of vegetables and flowers.

We farm with our heart and health in mind.  We do not use any synthetic fertilizer or chemical pesticides.  We enjoy growing food for our community not only as a means of providing healthy sustenance, but also as a way to bring people together. We welcome you to come out and see our farm, to learn about where your food comes from and meet the folks who grow it.



Phone Number

(928) 636-6209



Company Leaders

  • Cory & Shanti, Owners


21640 N. Juniper Ridge Road
Paulden, AZ 86334


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